Final Lab Reminder

Dear Students,

This is a reminder of the final lab next Sunday (21 December)

Time: 8-11 a.m


S23 (for Monday1-3 AND Wednesday 8-10 Labs)

S25 (for Wednesday 10-12 AND Wednesday 1-3 Labs)

Content Covered: All topics studied during the semester except recursion.


  • Please be in the lab 10 minutes before the beginning of the exam, late student won’t be given any time extension.
  • Bring a plastic file and 2 empty CDs  labeled with your complete information.
  • You are not allowed to wear your Abaya during the exam.
  • Mobile phones and all other electric devices are not allowed in the exam.

Good luck,

Next week’s labs

During next week’s labs you will be evaluated on your progress in the project.

  • Attendance is mandatory, and will be counted in your final project grade.
  • You must bring your laptops with you.
  • You must attend with your whole team during any of the specified time slots.


  • Monday 1-3
  • Wednesday 8-10
  • Wednesday 10-12

Location: F15