Notes for Project Phase#1

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here is some points for the project:

  1. placeOrder method receives company object to get access to company’s cars , the header ¬†will be like this >> public boolean placeOrder(Company c,char carType, Time duration).
  2. isAvailable () is like get methods (return available value).
  3. IsCompleted is like get methods (return completed value).


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Quiz 2


Quiz 2 is this Tuesday November 29, from 12:30-1. It covers everything until exceptions(included).

Section# 9205 in G50

Section#41188 in G47

Section#25474 in G49

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Project phase#1 Submission


Project phase1 submission is postponed.

Each group submits the code and the report via email to their lab instructor before the deadline Friday December 2 11:59 pm.

Each group has to submit hard copy of the code and the report to their lab instructor on Sunday  December 4 before 1:00 pm



Homework#2 is now available under Tutorial page

The deadline for submission (hard copy) is Sunday 4th of December