Project Groups

Dear student,

For the course project you have to make a group of three students in this form


  • A group may contain students from different sections
  • Each group should contain exactly three students
  • The deadline for filling the form is 8 of April, after that unregistered students will  be assigned randomly !

Wednesday’s Labs

Dear student,
There are some changes in Wednesday’s labs for this week only due to your midterm time
WED 1-3 >> we will start by 12 in same lab S16
WED 10-12 >> no change, in the same labs S14, S30
WED 8-10 >> this lab will be canceled and the students of this lab only can attend with one of the sections above. If you face any problem regarding that, contact your TA immediately 
Other students are not allowed to switch between the labs !!
Good Luck..

Corrected Homework 1

Dear Students,

You can collect your corrected homework 1 from the box designated for your section on Tuesday (17th March) anytime between 9:00 – 2:00. Locations of the boxes are as follows:

Section Location
27855 (Sunday 9-10) Office#11-2nd floor
27887 (Sunday 1-2) Office#11-2nd floor
27890 (Thursday 9-10) Office#122-3rd floor
27898 (Thursday 11-12) Office#134-3rd floor
41335 (Thursday 1-2) Office#11-2nd floor
41338 (Monday 1-2) Office#11-2nd floor
41341 (Sunday 10-11) Office# 23–3rd floor
41344 (Sunday 8-9) Office# 11-2nd floor
41347 (Tuesday 11-12) Office# 11-2nd  floor

Wish you all the best of luck in your upcoming midterm.