Reminder!! Lab Quiz #1

Dear all, This is a reminder for your first lab quiz Date & Time:

Date: Wednesday 4 March = 13 Jumada I, 1436

Time: 12 -1

Content: Until the end of chapter#2 Instructions:

  • Bring 2 empty CDs labeled with your full information + a plastic file
  • Try to come early, 15 min before, and stay on the right lab, as shown in the distribution below
  • Log on to one of the PCs, and make sure that jGrasp is working on it


Section Lab time Quiz Location
27854 Wednesday 1-3 S16
27888 Monday 1-3 S30
27891 Monday 8-10
41336 Wednesday 1-3
27899 Thursday 1-3 S34
41339 Wednesday 8-10
41348 Monday 1-3
41342 Monday 10-12
41345 wednesday10-12

Good Luck ..

Homework 1

Dear Student,

Homework 1 is now available in the tutorials page.

The homework should be solved individually, and submitted to your tutorial instructor by the specified deadline.Further information on the submission time and location will be posted soon.

Your submitted homework should include a printed copy of your code, a sample run, and a cover page.

Best of luck,