Your first midterm will be on Wednesday 2nd of November 2016 3:00-4:30

It covers until the end of chapter 4.2 polymorphism 

Please, be prepared and have a seat before the starting time

Calculators and translators are not allowed

Wearing abaya during the exam is prohibited 

Section# 25474 in G47

Section# 41188 in G49

Section# 9205 in G50

Good Luck ..

Homework#1 submission 

The homework submission has been postponeded to Friday 28th of October until midnight (11:59pm)

Any late submissions will be ignored  

You should submit one PDF file and send it by email to your tutorial instructor

The PDF file should contains:

1. Cover sheet with your full information

2. Your code in a clear format with Java colors

3. UML as requested in the question 

Good Luck ..

Lecture Quiz#1

The first Quiz will be on this Tuesday 25th of October 12-12:45

It covers until Composition & aggregation 

Section# 25474 : G40

Section# 41188 : G47

Section# 9205 : G4

Good Luck ..

Project Groups

Dear students,

Now you can  form groups for your project .

Check the project page for registration.

Best wishes,,