Final Lab & Project Grades

Dear student,

The total lab work grades with the final lab and project are now available in the Grades page.

Kindly, if you have any comments contact your TA no later than this Tuesday midnight.

Good Luck..

Lab Work Grades

Dear student,

The lab work grades in details (except final lab and project) are now available in the Grades page.

Good Luck..

Reminder.. Final lab

Dear all, 

This is a reminder for the final lab

Date & Time:

Date: Sunday 10 May = 21 Rajab, 1436 Time: 8 -11 

Content: everything included except GUI and Recursion 


  • Bring 2 empty CDs labeled with your full information + a plastic file
  • Try to come early, 15 min before, and stay on the right lab, as shown in the distribution below
  • Log on to one of the PCs, and make sure that jGrasp is working on it


Section Lab time Quiz Location
27854 Wednesday 1-3 S16
27888 Monday 1-3 S30
27891 Monday 8-10 S23
41336 Wednesday 10-12 S23
27899 Thursday 1-3 S34
41339 Wednesday 8-10 S14
41348 Monday 1-3 S14
41342 Monday 10-12 S22
41345 Wednesday 10-12 S22

Good Luck ..


Dear student,

  • You should submit your project source code and a soft copy of your report by email to your supervisor no later than Friday 8th May  11:59pm.
  • You should submit your printed report and a CD containing your project source code to your supervisor at the beginning of your discussion time.
  • The discussion time slots along with the location are  available now in Project page
  • Bring a charged laptop and be prepared with your team before your discussion time
  • Waiting for your wonderful projects !!

Good Luck..


بناءً على توجيهات وكالة الجامعة باخلاء ساحة الباصات يوم الخميس الموافق ١٨-٧-١٤٣٦ قبل الساعة الثانية ظهرا

فإن عمادة أقسام العلوم والدراسات الطبية تنوه جميع الطالبات على أن آخر دورة للباصات ليوم الخميس ١٨-٧-١٤٣٦ ستكون في تمام الساعة الواحدة والربع ظهراً.